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    In response to everything.

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    0 to 100 real quick


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  8. i want this house

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    "To all the women who silently made history."

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    Last photo of Robin Williams

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  13. courtneythebumbling:

    Reasons why I’m excited for “Dear White People:”

    • Black actors portraying 3-dimensional characters
    • Honest social commentary
    • Targeted to the college age demographic
    • Thorough exploration of the various forms of racism in America
    • Tessa Thompson’s voice and Tyler William’s afro wig

    Reasons why I’m not excited for “Dear White People:”

    • White people calling it racist
    • Mainstream media agreeing with the white people calling it racist

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  14. dear-white-people:

    Two years ago we made a fake trailer for a movie we WANTED to make. And TODAY thanks to you guys, the OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER for that movie is here! You did this. Your support and love brought the smart black movie genre back from the dead and into theaters this OCTOBER 17TH!!

    Go over to YOUTUBE and give us a “thumbs up” if you dig us http://youtu.be/Uag2G0J6iqw