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    Best plot twist

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    Shots have been fired

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  7. "Millions of people have decided not to be sensitive. They have grown thick skins around themselves just to avoid being hurt by anybody. But it is at great cost. Nobody can hurt them, but nobody can make them happy either."
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  10. Heart Necklace

    A beautifully intricate sterling silver heart shown anatomically correct is strung on a dainty sterling silver chain. A perfect every day necklace to be worn alone or layered.

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    "You Are Your Safe Place"

    Everything you are searching for in other people, places and things can be found in yourself. The path to this discovery is usually paved with many bumps in the road, disguised as stress, misfortune, failure, doubt, loss etc. We find ourselves asking “why me?” and losing faith in our ability to endure. But if you are alive to be reading this right now, you are already a survivor and stronger than you once thought you were. People will disappoint you, fail you, even abandon you. You are not defined by anything or anyone else. External factors are merely serving as mirrors for you to see your light and your darkness…The things you want versus the things that you need…The things you are giving and the things you are receiving. You are your greatest love, your strongest soldier and your keeper of peace. Yes. You are your safe place. 💜 #Awake #LittleAwakenings xo

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    Kristen Stewart, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigl, Blake Lively and a whole flurry of mediocre white actresses (who btw play the same roles OVER AND OVER) are always offered roles. Meanwhile, Oscar nominated/winning black actresses (who have won other awards prestigious as well) are struggling to remain relevant. Just because there are a lot of black led TV shows coming this fall, that doesn’t mean the struggle is over or lessening. Many of these actresses have had to move onto TV roles or do both because they haven’t been offered enough (or appropriate) roles. 



    Halle Berry won and then played a bunch of bit parts or had to produce her own movies to get meaty roles…eventually turning to tv on a show she’s producing.

    Denzel won and then was either typecast, teamed up with mediocre action stars, or produced his own movies to get meaty roles.

    Jennifer Hudson won and her reward was playing Sarah Jessica Parker’s assistant in Sex And The City.

    Monique won and disappeared because she angered people by speaking up about the bs.

    Viola Davis keeps getting the broken, disheveled mom or wise friend roles… and eventually had to turn to a Black female producer on tv.

    like… you can’t tell me this is typical for white actors. we talk about how shameful it is that Leo hasn’t won, but Leo has no trouble getting good, challenging, interesting starring roles. Neither do Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr…. like… come on! and yeah, white women have it harder than white men, but let’s talk about how much harder it is for Viola Davis to get a decent role than Sandra Bullock.

    True ass facts.

    And all these women are immensely talented and can out act all the Jennifer Lawrences, Blake Livelys, and etc.

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    family photo

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    The Amazon rainforest is critically important to the survival of our planet and the indigenous peoples that call it home. The International Energy Agency is unequivocal: two-thirds of fossil fuels need to be kept in the ground to avoid climate disaster!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t care, if you don’t care. 
    Share & sign. takes two seconds!
    It’s not just about the amazon, it’s affecting every part of the earth causing global disaster! we need clean air, water. we cannot survive without it, don’t let these governments win!

    We are the ones we have been waiting for, It starts with you! We are the ones who can make a change. 400,000+ people in NYC & over 6 different countries marched for ‪#‎climatechange‬! please help save our earth!

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